NMG acquires majority stake in Passa Sports
NMG has acquired a stake in the largest sports e-commerce specialist in the Benelux through the acquisitions of SportshopsDirect and Total Sports Trading. Both companies were merged immediately after acquisition and will continue under the name Passa Sports READ MORE

Decathlon acquires hockey brand Dita
The takeover enables Decathlon to further expand its offer, but it does not mean that the French chain will stop working with other hockey brands. “Dita is behind a series of great innovations in hockey, and we will certainly cherish this rich history. At Decathlon, Dita will have access to our unique research and development tools,” says Pierre Vernet, responsible for partnerships at the French retail chain. READ MORE

Heineken subsidiary Vrumona buys Ranja and Limeau
According to the Dutch manufacturer of Pepsi, Royal Club, Sourcy, Sisi and Rivella, the purchase of Ranja is an important addition to the range. “Ranja is one of the best known and most iconic lemonade brands in the Netherlands. For many Dutch people it is even synonymous with ‘mix’ fruit lemonade, “says Vrumona director Murk Spits. Since 2016, the brand has been owned by investor Nederlands MerkGoed and syrup producer Burg Groep. Among other things, they adjusted the recipe, after which the brand grew considerably and is now available with several flavors in more than 2000 stores in the Netherlands. READ MORE


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