Empowering people, brands & businesses
NMG Capital has a deep understanding of consumer branded business. We know what drives consumers and what it takes to build enduring, leading brands. NMG helps define disruptive strategies, provides growth capital and empowers the existing team, while often taking on an active role in specific brand or product related areas.
Driven by a strong belief in brand equity
We know from experience that a best-in-class brand gives you an edge over competitors and that a strong brand helps your company stand the test of time. We are drawn to brands that are disrupting categories and that have the potential to become household names for years to come.
The entrepreneurial mindset & network to get the job done
Having been entrepreneurs ourselves, we firmly believe brand founders and management teams should preside over key decisions and maintain substantial future economic upside, while making full use of NMG’s growth capital, guidance and network.
Long term partnerships taking all stakeholders into account
Our value-added resources and industry-specific expertise are a key reason that entrepreneurs partner with us. We understand the importance of being fully aligned with all stakeholders, meaning we will always try to do the right thing for all our partners. Our extensive industry network and close relationships with strategic buyers can help facilitate an eventual exit.
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