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Nederlands MerkGoed (“NMG”) is an independent private equity firm that participates in distinctive companies with a (former) top position in its market segment. NMG invests and participates in companies to help them develop a long-term and sustainable growth path.

Keeping up
The past years have proven that every company and every individual has to keep reinventing in order to keep up and remain relevant. Banks, lawyers, doctors and supermarkets for example, will probably not exist in their current form and will have to adapt to future possibilities and needs. We believe that ongoing development and reinvention is crucial in all aspects of society, including business.

The new growth
Investment companies, like all others, have to adapt and develop to remain relevant partners for their investors and companies as well. After years of focus on short term gains at the expense of long term sustainable growth, of rushing to quick ‘exits’, it has become clear that key elements for sustainable growth in many companies are missing or ignored. It is time to start creating value and growth for the long term again.

Commercial partnership
NMG envisions generating long term, structural growth in both turnover and profit. We develop a signature strategy and regain commercial focus. As partners we support our participations with a hands-on, pragmatic and to-the-point approach. Our experienced team of professionals with backgrounds in a broad variety of functions is perfectly equipped for that task.

As professionals with a passion for traditional strong brands we notice a growing group of companies struggling to strengthen their position in the Dutch market. We see companies failing to recognize the local market needs. Since multinationals focus on their top brands, opportunities will occur for local brands to fulfill the needs of local consumers.


From ‘financial engineering’ towards ‘commercial engineering’
With multiple informal investors and the management-team as shareholder, NMG is a stable and long term partner. NMG offers a unique combination of financial, entrepreneurial and commercial team players. NMG participates actively and hands-on as a strategic partner to realize long-term growth in turnover and profit. By focusing on ‘proven consumer concepts’ that fulfill basic consumer needs NMG aims to achieve substantial return on investment.

Dutch heritage / NMG Participations BV
The partners of NMG have a proven track record in the consumer market and in-depth knowledge of Food & Leisure. In these markets they have a unique access and understanding of possibilities. In NMG Participations BV they have joint forces with NieboerSchouten Trust & Participations NV. This private equity firm will focus on participations ranging from two to fifteen million euros and aims for securing a significant share in potent and viable companies to secure them as Dutch heritage.

Do the things you do best
We believe in focus. We believe in experience. We believe in excellence. Given the track record of our team NMG therefore focuses on Food & Leisure. We will participate mainly in trade companies, family and production businesses and brands with an annual turnover between two and fifteen million euros.

Focus on
• Consumer brands
• Local brands and local companies
• Headquarters in the Netherlands
• Fast growing companies or companies in transition (restructuring)
• Majority share preferred
• Investment range between one and six million euros

NMG invests in companies with landmark products and brands who are able to achieve, or have achieved, a number 1 or 2 position in the Dutch market, or claim a niche. We do not invest in B2B or service providers nor will we be involved in commodity goods or private label.

Deal type
• Fund for growth
• Buy & build platform
• Management buy-outs or management buy-ins
• Turnaround



The management team consists of professionals with a broad experience and a strong background in the consumer market. They are all entrepreneurial business builders with strong a commercial profile and affinity for Food & Leisure. Their expertise ranges from strategy, marketing, innovation, finance and people management to business building.

Kasper Schouten

Arnaud van der Vecht

Jochem Schouten

Recent Investments

NMG participates since 2014 in the oldest Dutch lemonade brand, called Ranja. We have improved and renewed the formula with ingredients of real fruits without any dyes and preservatives. Ranja is available in more than 1.800 stores. More information, see: Ranjadrinks.nl

Dita International
NMG acquired early 2016 a stake in the famous international hockey-brand Dita. NMG joins the current team to strengthen Dita’s global position in the growing hockey market. For more information: Dita-Hockey.com

NMG is the new driving force behind the chewing gum BenBits, the most innovative and tasty chewing gum in the 80’s. The new range is based upon 100% natural gum and exclusively available in over 1000 stores. More information: BenBits.com

NMG acquired a new organic brand in syrups, named Limeau, sirup d’Amsterdam. With its special organic flavors Limeau aims at adults and youngsters, who are seeking for alternatives for carbonated soft drinks, juices and alcoholic beverages. Limeau syrups only contain natural ingredients, no preservatives, no colorings and no artificial sweeteners or stevia. Limeau is available in more than 200 AH stores, stylish restaurants and specialty stores. More information:Limeau.nl

We are proud of our recent acquisition of Nomad, which has been in the hands of the Kooijmans family for 40 years. Nomad is the absolute Dutch specialist in high-quality, innovative outdoor gear such as sleeping bags, tents and backpacks. The worldwide outdoor market is growing rapidly, which offers enormous opportunities for accelerated growth for this established brand and the team. More information: Nomad.nl



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