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NMG Capital has a deep understanding of consumer branded business. We know what drives consumers and what it takes to build enduring, leading brands. NMG helps define disruptive strategies, provides growth capital and empowers the existing team, while often taking on an active role in specific brand or product related areas.
Driven by a strong belief in brand equity
We know from experience that a best-in-class brand gives you an edge over competitors and that a strong brand helps your company stand the test of time. We are drawn to brands that are disrupting categories and that have the potential to become household names for years to come.
The entrepreneurial mindset & network to get the job done
Having been entrepreneurs ourselves, we firmly believe brand founders and management teams should preside over key decisions and maintain substantial future economic upside, while making full use of NMG’s growth capital, guidance and network.
Long term partnerships taking all stakeholders into account
Our value-added resources and industry-specific expertise are a key reason that entrepreneurs partner with us. We understand the importance of being fully aligned with all stakeholders, meaning we will always try to do the right thing for all our partners. Our extensive industry network and close relationships with strategic buyers can help facilitate an eventual exit.

Koeka offers stylish, high-quality and sustainable baby and lifestyle products. In the Netherlands, Koeka has already managed to secure a very strong market position with its unique brand and products. There is still a lot of potential for further growth in the surrounding countries, and NMG sees plenty of growth opportunities in Germany in particular. More info: Koeka.nl

We are proud of the 100% acquisition of the legendary surf brand Mistral. Mistral products are sold on 4 continents and in more than 10 countries, while NMG sees ample opportunity for more expansion and growth in categories such as SUP boards, wingfoiling, clothing and accessoires. More info: Mistral.com

The established fashion e-commerce brand Orangebag® offers a carefully curated collection of clothing, accessories and shoes in the higher price segment. NMG is proud of its participation in Orangebag and will actively support management in the next growth phase by, among other things, increasing brand awareness. View and shop at: Orangebag.nl

Stoov® is a sustainable addition to the NMG portfolio. Stoov develops rechargeable heating cushions and blankets for use indoors or outdoors. The company markets and sells its products directly to consumers. The investment and partnership with NMG will allow Stoov to accelerate its international expansion. For more info check: Stoov.com

Passa Sports
NMG has acquired a stake in the largest sports e-commerce company in the Benelux with the acquisition and subsequent merger of SportshopsDirect and Total Sports Trading. The new company will be trading under the new holding name Passa Sports®. For more information check: Passasports.com

We are proud of the acquisition of Nomad®, which has been in the hands of the Kooijmans family for 40 years. Nomad is the absolute specialist in the field of qualitative, innovative outdoor gear such as sleeping bags, tents and backpacks. The outdoor market is growing rapidly worldwide, which offers the established original Nomad brand and the team enormous opportunities for accelerated, healthy growth. For more information check: Nomad.nl

BenBits® was the first sugar-free chewing gum in the 1980s. NMG redeveloped BenBits into the first plant-based chewing gum with completely plastic-free packaging. BenBits supports the Plastic Soup Foundation in its mission to clear the oceans of plastics and microplastics. More information: BenBits.com

The Ventures branch of Nederlands MerkGoed launched the online platform Maison365® in 2016 together with styling icon Danie Bles. Maison365 is a boutique personal shopping service for women. After completing an online style quiz and a personal chat with one of the Maison365 stylists, clients receive a clothing box with three personal looks, mixed and matched according to the Danie Bles philosophy. More than 15,000 women now use Maison365. For more information check: Maison365.nl

Dita International
At the beginning of 2016, NMG acquired a share in Dita®, the world’s oldest and best-known hockey brand that has been in Dutch hands since 1976. NMG actively helps the current team to strenghten Dita’s global position in the growing hockey market. As a result, Decathlon has acquired the Dita brand in 2019, while the underlying company remains responsible for distribution to specialist retailers. See the website for more information: Dita.nl

NMG acquired a participation in the oldest lemonade brand in the Netherlands, Ranja®, at the end of 2014. Ranja, which has been completely renovated by us, has experienced rapid growth in recent years. This has resulted in the sale of a majority stake to Heineken subsidiary Vrumona in April 2019. Check: Ranjadrinks.nl

NMG invested in the Amsterdam syrup brand Limeau® in 2016. Limeau offers an alternative to soft drinks, fruit juices and alcoholic drinks. With its special and fresh flavors, Limeau primarily appeals to adults. The iconic bottle and unique positioning have ensured rapid growth in the supermarket channel. This has resulted in the sale of a majority stake to Heineken subsidiary Vrumona in April 2019. For more information check: Limeau.nl


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